What are advertising boards and signs? And its importance

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What are advertising boards and signs? And its importance

- Advertising signs are shapes of many different shapes and materials created with the goal of displaying information to others. Currently, in Dak Nong, Dak Lak as well as in many other provinces and cities have been and there are many signs with all sizes, all shapes, all different materials. There are many types of signs: LED advertising signs, single led lighting ... lightbox style advertising signs, aluminum advertising signs using mica, mica, fomex ...., advertising signs Large panels on the street, banners, posters ... to new technologies: embossed signs, led matrix board, advertising signs using full color leds, led screens .... So advertising signs have Many types or not, let's analyze!

- The waving led advertising board is a popular and popular type in Da Nang as well as our country, it is usually made of mica or aluminum, its display is usually designed and put into laser cutting machine or CNC for Led lights, if the design is beautiful, its light is very attractive to all eyes
- Outdoor advertising signs are large-sized advertising signs, outdoor advertising boards of this type are often made up of very strong protection against storms and wind, images attached to it are usually vivid and eye-catching. to draw attention to the surrounding
- LED matrix advertising signs are pieces of module that are attached together via cables to display information. The special thing about this type of advertising sign is that the displayed content can be easily changed, the content that it displays can include text, numbers, animations and comes with many other effects with many colors. different colors.
 - Advertising signs using full color leds is a type of signboard, its structure consists of advertising materials, but the special feature of this type of full color led advertising signs is the mode of changing the color rhythm between the LEDs. together create a very nice effect
- Neon advertising sign is a colorful kind of sign, it glows thanks to neon lights, this type of advertising board is very attractive to others thanks to its bright light and often Use it to decorate bars, restaurants, karaoke ... The cost to make advertising signs neon light is low, but now it is no longer favored by the large power consumption, easy to catch fire ....
- Hifles, advertising banners, banners, posters are printing-oriented signs, used to introduce to customers when there are promotions, discounts ... This is usually Hiflex, decal, pp ... printed with digital printer. Diverse colors, very convenient to promote the product quickly, besides it can be combined with fluorescent bulbs or LEDs to attract attention to people.


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