Top 10 beautiful fair stall that you can not take your eyes off

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Top 10 beautiful fair stall that you can not take your eyes off

Fair is a great bridge for businesses to learn and work together. A beautiful fair stall will help attract many potential customers as well as help businesses promote products and services. From there it is possible to increase sales through the sale at the fair. If you want to have a nice booth in the upcoming fair. Do not skip this article!

1. What is a fair stall?

Fair stall is an advertising item used to display and introduce products as well as carry out sales and marketing transactions. Here visitors will be able to admire. Or use product testing to evaluate the quality. Currently, businesses have focused on using advertising booths to reach customers in many different areas. As well as increase product sales and brand promotion.

2. The types of beautiful fair stall popular today

Exhibition booths are divided into 2 categories: standard and self-designed fair stall. Depending on the type of stall you have, there will be the most suitable stall designs.

2.1 Beautiful standard fair stall

Standard fair booths are usually 3m x 3m x 2.5m (length x width x height) and often used in fairs because of low design and construction costs, suitable for businesses. Small businesses, with low funding. However, the effectiveness of product promotion is not high because it does not bring a specific feature for businesses because in front of the booth, there is only the company name and simple information board.

2.2 Beautifully designed fair stall

Self-designed fair stall is a carefully invested, careful store with a lot of expenses and effort to design and execute. Therefore it meets all the requirements of the company when participating in fairs to promote products and services to consumers. The stall is designed and constructed separately so it can meet all requirements of size, shape, color that businesses require.

The design and construction of this fair booth used a variety of materials, so it was unique, aesthetic and impressive, attracted many visitors and increased the chance to make an impression with the customers. potential partners. This contributes greatly to the success of the company's strategy to promote products and brands outside the consumer market.

3. Top 10 beautiful fair booths that you cannot take your eyes off


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